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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Lush Synaesthesia Treatment -- Lush Spa Review

Synaesthesia -- A condition in which one type of stimulation invokes the sensation of another. For example the hearing of a certain sound produces the visualization of a certain colour.

I recently had the synaesthesia spa treatment from Lush at the new Oxford Street flagship store and it blew me away. Everything was perfect!

The treatment is a full body massage that brings in other elements of sound and smell. It is 120 minutes long, which includes a full consultation with the therapist. I had a lovely lady called Georgie who was amazing, she made me feel very comfortable and at home. The total cost is £125, which initially I did think was pricey but after having the treatment I can tell you it is worth every penny. 

Before the treatment starts you are encouraged to pick a word that jumps out at you from the wall, this correlates to a certain massage bar that will be used on you for your treatment.  I chose relax which had a sweet white tea scent.

After that you are encouraged to select a bottle that stands out to due to the word, colour or shape. I chose a pretty lilac bottle with the word forgiveness on it, which ended up being a lavender scent. I do find this mode of selection quite risky as you could end up with scents you really don’t like. Overall I was extremely happy with both my massage bar and room scent although to be honest I did have a sly sniff of the bottle to check I liked the smell.

After your massage which really does cover the full body; feet, legs, back, arms, stomach, chest and face. You are given a certain tea that matches your treatment with a massage bar and bubble bath stone to take home. I love the idea that you can take these home with you as it is a perfect little memento, now whenever I smell them I remember my treatment and feeling insanely relaxed.

The thing I loved most about the Lush spa was that it was so far removed from the white wash clinical feel you often find in spas. The atmosphere was fantastic, the staff were lovely and the d├ęcor was stunning.

I would highly recommend booking yourself in for a special treat, I have never felt so relaxed! I do feel the treatment is on the pricer side and is certainly not something I would randomly purchase myself but as a present or for a special occasion I think it's perfect.

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