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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wining and Dining with the Blogginggals -- Camino Bankside Spanish Tapas Bar Review

Thanks to the lovely Zaineb who runs blogginggals and whose own blog can be found here, I was lucky enough to be able to attend a delightful blogging get together at the Camino Bankside Spanish restaurant. Camino is a Spanish tapas and wine bar known for its award winning Spanish wines, tapas & jamón.

First of all I wanted to say the thing that really stood out for me while I was there was the outstanding service, the staff were lovely and nothing was too much trouble. Personally I am very swayed by the customer service you receive, you can be in the most beautiful space with lovely food but if the service is bad that what you remember.

The service here was outstanding and the waiter we had called Patrick was extremely knowledgeable about the wines and even though I am not the biggest wine drinker I loved hearing all about the history of the wines and how they were produced.  With each wine they brought out they prepared a tapas dish to accompany it. The evening was well structured and I do think Patrick deserves a special mention as he is clearly passionate about his work which made learning about all the wine and food all the more interesting.

Although I am not usually the greatest fan of wine I did really enjoy the Cava, it was well balanced and slightly sweet. 

Food wise the tapas was lovely, all the dishes that came out were well presented and tasted amazing! I particularly adored the calamari, which is one dish I have to admit I am very fussy about. I cannot stand thick heavy and chewy batters but this was fresh and light with a delicious aioli (garlic mayonnaise like sauce). 

The Patatas bravas were also lovely and I loved that it came with a spicy tomato sauce and a mayonnaise.  I was slightly concerned about what I could eat being pescatarian but the menu holds an abundance of choice and plenty of vegetable dishes, so even the fussiest vegetarian would find something they liked. Although I didn’t have any myself the mocktails looked stunning so anyone that isn’t an alcohol drinker would have more than just the typical choice of fizzy soft drinks and water as an option.

The Manzanilla olives were marinated  in lemon zest, thyme, rosemary and were one of my favourite appetizers.

Camino had a very welcoming atmosphere I love the rustic but sophisticated look they went for with the large rustic wooden tables. I personally felt it gave off a casual professional vibe that would be perfect for after work drinks and tapas or even for a first date.

All in all I loved the evening, it was a lovely small and personal event run very successfully by the gorgeous Zaineb. I would highly recommended visiting a Camino branch if you are looking for tasty tapas, wonderful wine and superb service; they can be found in Bankside, Blackfriars, Monument and Kings cross. If you fancied checking out their website beforehand it can be found here

Thanks for reading!

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