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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Lush Lips -- Oxford Street Exclusive Lipsticks Review

My new current obsession has to be the new Lush Oxford Street exclusive lipsticks!

So summer has arrived and everyone seems to be whipping out their nude and pink toned lipsticks. I have to be honest nude pinky lip colours have never seemed to compliment my skin tone. I think it’s due to the yellow undertone my skin has or simply because I’m not used to wearing them.

Just because it summer it doesn’t mean you have to leave those dark colours behind just wear what flatters you! Personally I love a dark lip and my favourites have to be these four from the exclusive makeup range in Lush Oxford Street:

From top to bottom; Trust, Secure, Just and Amazing

Why I love them!
·         They are incredibly pigmented and long lasting.
·         These lipsticks fade beautifully, you don't get the patchy aftermath that looks like some sort of rash. It just fades in colour till it's gone.
·         The base is castor oil, so they are lovely and moisturising.
§  I suffer from eczema flare ups around my lips so sometimes wearing a lipstick exaggerates this as it sinks into the cracks when my lips are dry. I find these lipsticks don’t do this due to how moisturising they are.
·         Lastly of course because it's Lush it's all natural and you can be 100% sure it has not been tested on any animals.  So it's guilt free shopping!

I will also express my love for the lip barrier Lush offer (shown at the top of the 1st photo). Gone are the days of your lipsticks bleeding out. Simply draw around the outer edge of your lips with this waxy crayon and your lipstick will stay beautifully in place. 

I do think these lipsticks are on the more expensive side for a ‘high street’ store coming in at £14.50 each and the lip barrier costing £6.50, but they are so worth it and I think more than match up to their high end competition. These lipsticks and lip barrier cannot be found online unfortunately, only in the Lush Oxford street store. Which is definitely worth the day out to visit, and believe me once you go in you will be leaving with more than just lipsticks!

Happy shopping,


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