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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

House of Comarre series by Kristen Painter -- Book Review

There are five books in this series written below in order:
1.       Blood Rights
2.       Flesh and Blood
3.       Bad Blood
4.       Out for Blood
5.       Last Blood

In a world with thousands of vampire based books it is rare to find something with a completely original take on it. Kristen Painter has managed to create a story line that is both original and quite complex. She has created a well-rounded paranormal world with intriguing politics, elaborate rules and enchanting characters.

This series centres around Chrysabelle who was born a comarre, a breed of human whose only job and purpose is to serve the noble vampires with their sacred and powerful blood. Chrysabelle finds herself on the run fleeing into the mortal world, wanted for the suspected murder of her patron. While on the run she enlists the help of a cursed vampire named Mal who is also an outcast, the two find themselves linked by accident, but mutually attracted and repulsed.

As with most good stories all it not as it appears and those who are after Chrysabelle are seeking more than her death, something that may bring terror and chaos to both the supernatural and mortal worlds alike.

One thing I have to say that is refreshing about this series and that I particularly like in a good novel, is that both the hero and heroine are relatively equal in terms of strength and competence. I cannot stand books in which the heroine is useless, can’t hold her own and must be protected constantly.

One thing I wasn’t so fond on concerning these books were that they were written from the point of view of a few characters, and to be honest I personally only really found those of Mal and Chrysabelle interesting. I was always slightly disappointed to turn a page and see it was no longer their point of view I would be reading from.

Overall however I was deeply in love with this series, it is fantastically written with great detail. The main characters are very engaging making the books extremely hard to put down. I would highly recommend the House of Comarre series for those that love supernatural fantasy with magic, vampires and romance.

Thanks for reading!

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