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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Coping with the Death of a Beloved Pet -- Ariel Answers

 Losing a pet is no easy thing they are key members of the family, we have supplied them with food and comfort throughout their life and seen them on an almost 24 hour basis. The bond many feel with their animals is totally unique, pets are a constant source of comfort and something to come home to that is totally un-judging and devoted to you.  It is no wonder when they pass that people find it so difficult to cope with.

To be honest the death of my childhood cat is one of the hardest things I've ever been through. I had him for 19 years and he grew up with me. When he died I was devastated and found it difficult to deal with. One thing I noticed was that most of those that who had never had a pet didn't understand why I was so upset and thought my reaction was over the top. It doesn't matter whether the pets a Guinea pig to a dog to a horse all people feel the loss of their pet differently, and it greatly depends on how much of a bond that person had to the animal.

Things you can do to help yourself when dealing with the passing of a pet:
·         Allow yourself to be upset, just because it is a pet doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to feel sad, you looked after that animal for years and it became a big part of your life its only natural to find its passing distressing
·         Don’t feel guilty, there is absolutely no point in looking for things you ‘could have done better’ most accidents or illness are totally unpredictable and unrelated to you as an owner. Focus on the good life you gave your pet and the happy memories.
·         For some people holding a small funeral or goodbye ceremony helps as it’s a chance to say goodbye and move on.
·         Try not to replace the pet straight away, you are trying to replace the beloved animal you had. No pet will be the same and it’s good to wait a few months to leave the grieving process and see if you are ready for that commitment again.
·         Some find keeping a memento helps; whether that is cremation ashes, a lock of hair, the collar, photos or a toy they particularly liked.

Helping others deal with the loss of a pet:
·         Understand it is not easy, they have lost a very important part of their life. Let them be upset and don’t say things like ‘I don’t understand why you are so upset’ or ‘it’s just an animal, get another’ just be there to talk.
·         Offer to help out with a small ceremony if that’s what you think they would like.

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