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Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award -- 2015

Thank you so much to the lovely Michelle at sugardustandstarlight for nominating me, I had so much fun answering the questions!

Let’s start with the rules, which help explain a little bit about what this nomination is about: 
   1 - Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and link them in your post.
   2 - Answer the ten questions you have been sent.
   3 - Come up with 10 questions of your own.
   4 - Spread the love and nominate up to 10 bloggers!

1.  What is your favourite book and why?
This is difficult as I absolutely adore reading! I mean Harry Potter is obviously fantastic and I grew up reading the series, so that was an important part of my teenage years. But since I was asked for one book I am going to go for The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.
Why? Because this book simply has everything I could ever ask for; it’s nice and long, beautifully written, has fantasy, adventure and magic but most importantly it’s such a page turner, I could not put it down!

2.  What did you do today?
The start of my day wasn’t that exciting I sat for 2 hours waiting around for a second set of x-rays on my hand. I had broken it horse riding by getting thrown off with my left hand tangled in the reins, it was very painful!
The second half was more exciting though I went shopping with a friend and spent for too much on macaroons, even though I was meant to be getting clothing! I then spent the rest of my evening watching once upon a time while stuffing my face full of the macaroons. My favourite was the violet flavour, so good!

3.  If you could have any pet, what would it be?
Ideally I would love my own horse, it’s almost impossible for me to have one in London, it’s just too expensive! Exotic animal wise I would love a Gray wolf, they are just stunning.

4.  What’s your current favourite song and why?
It’s not a current song but I recently re-watched beauty and the beast and I have been listening to the song ‘belle’ from it constantly (mush to the dismay of those living with me). Why? Because who doesn’t love a good heroine song from Disney.

5.  If you could give just one piece of advice for life, what would it be?
Do more of what makes you happy. Life is too short and you should enjoy every day as much as you can, nobody wants a life full of what ifs.

6.  Do you have a favourite quote and what is it?
‘The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.’-Walt Disney. I think it’s so easy for people to get caught up in trying to ‘fit in’ that they lose themselves. I truly believe a happier life is one when you are happy with who you are.

7.  What do you enjoy reading most in other people’s blogs?
I love hauls and favourites; I’m such a nosey person and love knowing what other people have bought!

8.  What’s your worst habit?
I can’t believe I’m admitting this on the internet but I have to check any bedroom I am sleeping in alone before I sleep. I don’t know what I’m looking for but I check the wardrobe, under the bed and behind the curtains, and then glance up to the ceiling. Crazy I know and yes I’m 23 but it’s become a bit of a habit now.

9.  What’s your favourite film and why?
I really can’t pick just one so I’m going for the fast and furious series. Why? I just love all the action, car stunts and the underlying theme of friendship running through it.

10.  How would you spend the perfect day?
My perfect day would be horse riding with friends through a flower lined forest followed by a nice long gallop on a tropical beach, ending with a BBQ and live music.

I nominate the following lovely and talented bloggers to complete this tag!

So here are my ten questions for my nominees!
1.       If you could have any super power what would it be and why?
2.       What would be your dream holiday?
3.       What’s your favourite type of blog post to write and why?
4.       Coffee or tea?
5.       If you had to be an animal for one day, what would you be and why?
6.       If you could suddenly become amazing at one skill, what would you pick?
7.       Favourite TV show at the moment and why?
8.       What’s your favourite snack or drink to have while blogging?
9.       If you could go back and visit your fourteen year old self, what advice would you give yourself and why?  
10.   Do you prefer books or films and Why?

Thanks for reading!

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