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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Staying Safe When Drinking -- Ariel Answers

When you get to 18 in the Uk and 21 in America, you are legally allowed to drink and so will more than likely start to go out and drink with your friends. This is an exciting time but remember alcohol can inhibit your senses.

I have decided to write this article to help make sure you are able to have fun with your friends but still stay completely safe and hopefully avoid any stressful situations.

Staying safe:
~ Always keep an eye on your drink.
~ Never accept drinks off someone you don't know or don't trust. 
~ Remember you have no obligation to anyone. Drinking does lower your guard, it is not okay for someone to pester or touch you. If someone is making you uncomfortable let security know, they are there to help. 
~ Don't let anyone pressure you into drinking more than you want. Real friends will not stop being your friend simply because you said you've had enough. 
~ Avoid downing drinks, you will get very drunk very quickly without realising. Drink slowly and enjoy yourself.
~ Stick with your friends, you are safer in a group. 
~ Make sure before hand you know how to get back from the place you are going. There is nothing more stressful and dangerous than wandering around lost and intoxicated.
~ To avoid horrific hangovers have drinks with ice and drink a glass of water occasionally while out. Then when home have large glass before bed.  

Most importantly have fun and make plenty of memories with friends that you remember! 

Thanks for reading, 

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