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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Essential Summer Fragrances from High Street to High End -- Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Gold by Zara and White Musk Libertine by The Body Shop

So it’s now officially summer and I am a sucker for a good perfume to help you smell your best in the hot weather. I have decided to talk about my three favourites that vary in price so there will be something for every budget!

I will start with my all-time favourite fragrance and that is Daisy by Marc Jacobs (eau de toilette):
Scent- I think everything about this perfume is perfect; It’s fresh and floral but sweet and slightly musky. Personally I can really smell the violet, jasmine and vanilla tones in this fragrance.  I adore this scent and could wear it casually in the day or for a dresser event in the evening as it’s so versatile.

Staying power- This has by far the best staying power of the three. I find this will last all day on me starting off fresh and floral then then fading wonderfully into a sweet floral vanilla tone with a slight musk by the end of the day.

Price- This is definitely on the pricer end with 50ml starting around £50 and going up to around £70 for 100ml. I have included a link to boots whose prices seem to be the most consistent here.

Gold by Zara Women (eau de toilette):
Scent- This is more of an evening perfume for me and not one I would wear during the day as it is a slightly more mature scent. It has an earthy berry rich scent that carries extremely well. Zara gold is actually a perfect dupe for Paco Rabanne Lady Million and is one third of the price!

Staying power- Not fantastic but good for the price, the fragrance doesn’t really fade into any other notes just reduces in strength until it’s gone.

Price- Only £15 for 100ml! I’m afraid I can’t find this online to post a link, so you will have to pop into your local Zara and see if they stock it.

White Musk Libertine by The Body Shop (eau de parfum):
Scent- This perfume has lower undertones of musk covered by a beautiful sweet floral scent. This makes it a perfect summer perfume for those that like the earthiness of musks, but want something lighter and fresher.

Staying power- I have to be honest when it comes to all body shop fragrances I find they don’t stay on my skin for more than a few hours. I find their perfumes last much longer when on sprayed on to clothing, but do be aware of staining! I wouldn’t advise spraying onto anything white.  This perfume fades beautifully though and leaves you with a light sweet floral scent before completely fading.

Price- The cost varies on sizing and whether you buy an eau de toilette (10% aromatic essence) or eau de parfum (15-20% aromatic essence). Eau de parfum will last longer due to higher concentrations of oils and is more expensive. Prices range from £10 -£22, this Fragrance can be found online here.

Thanks for reading!

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