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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Job lot of Lush bath product reviews -- Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment, Sakura, Avobath and Sunnyside

Today I thought I would combine some of my lush reviews into one post.

Mmmelting marshmallow moment -- This product is a luxury bath melt and costs £3.95.  

It has a very sweet smell and lovely light pink colour

I was disappointed when I put this in the bath. The melt itself smelt amazing and the smell reminded me of strawberry fondant and candyfloss, however upon putting it in the bath the smell disappeared to almost nothing and the colour was not very strong. This bath melt also did absolutely nothing for my skin, usually when I purchase a bath melt from lush I leave the bath with my skin feeling soft and unfortunately I didn’t get this from this one.

Sakura -- This product is a bath bomb and costs £3.25.

It has a very delicate floral smell and is visually very pretty. This bath bomb really encapsulates spring for me.

This bath bomb does not do much in the bath, if anything at all! It doesn’t overly fizz or turn the bath water a colour, only slightly cloudy. It does have a very pleasant smell though, which reminds me of being outside in a flower garden during spring. The smell is not over powering and it is perfect for those who are not a fan of the strong smells of Lush but still want a nice delicate fragrance from a bath bomb. I particularly love this bath bomb for when I have a headache or when I am feeling under the weather.

Avobath -- This product is a bath bomb and costs £3.35.

This one is definitely a mood lifter it’s incredibly fresh and zesty with a pale green colour

This is one of my favourite bath bombs because it has such a strong zesty scent that carries beautifully. I love keeping this one in my room as it makes it smell so fresh. It fizzes nicely in the bath and leaves a fantastic creamy green colour which is a nice change from the all the pink colours in lush. This would make a great present for those who love fresh zesty scents.

I have most definitely saved the best till last!

Sunnyside -- This product is a bubble bar and costs £3.75.

It is a beautiful rusty orange colour with a gold dusting. It has a lovely citrusy scent.

I absolutely adore this bubble bar! You get plenty of bubbles and the colour it turns the water is stunning, you get a deep orange bath with a gold simmer running throughout it. The gorgeous orange and lemon smell carries really well if you use the whole bar and fills the bathroom. It gives you a really decadent bath and you feel like you're bathing in liquid gold. I cannot recommend this enough and think it would make a fabulous present!

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