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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

2in1 Face and Hair Mask for Combination Skin and Hair -- DIY Face and Skin Care

This mask is amazing for combination skin, it will tighten pores, clear breakouts and even your skin tone without drying it out.  This mask is also perfect for hair that needs a good moisturising cleanse that will leave hair soft and silky.

·         1/2 cup of oats (keep another additional 1/5 aside for the face mask)
·         1 small free range egg
·         100ml of fresh milk
·         3 tsp of olive oil
~~ You will also need a blender for this mask~~

Benefits for your face:
·         Milk clears and evens out skin complexion due to the lactic acid, while the potassium and vitamin D content soften the skin.
·         The olive oil acts as a natural moisturiser and protector.  
·         Oats act as a natural soft exfoliant clearing way dead cells and unclogging pores, also great as it absorbs excess oils.
·         The egg white draws out excess oils and the egg yolk moistures skin.

Benefits for your hair:
·         Milk moisturises the hair and adds shine.
·         The olive oil deeply moistures and smooths the hair follicles.
·         Oats clear away excess oils and exfoliate the scalp.
·         The egg white gently cleanses hair while the protein in the egg yolk strengthens the hair from within the follicle.

Simply blend all the ingredients together and the hair mask is done! Take a small amount and leave aside for the face mask. Apply the rest to dry hair wrap in clingfilm or a plastic bag, for best results then wrap a hot towel over everything and relax for 30 minutes. Remember this mask contains raw egg so rinse off in cool water, you don’t want to be scrambling those eggs! Then wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner of your choice.

For the face mask you want a thicker consistency so add the other 1/5 cup of oats and re-blend. Apply to clean dry skin and wait 15-30 minutes and rinse off in cool water. While rising off do so in gentle circular movements over the face to get all the exfoliating goodness from the oats.  Remember this mask contains raw egg, so avoid contact with eyes or mouth.

Once blended the mask should have a lovely smooth consistently which is pleasant to apply. 

This mask will happily last 2-3 days in the fridge without losing any nutrients so if you have some excess left over don’t worry. 

Thanks for reading!

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