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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Lush Review -- Dragon's Egg

It’s common knowledge that I absolutely adore Lush.  Often to the point where a lot of my friends think I spend far too much time and money in there! As lush products go I love nothing more than a good bath bomb, melt or bubble bar. I love baths and without exaggeration I spend hours in them till I am a shrivelled up little prune.  

In this post I will be reviewing the Dragon’s Egg both bomb from lush that costs £3.35. 

To be honest this isn't the most visually stunning bath bomb lush has to offer, it’s mainly an off white and you can see some circles of colour within it.

This bath bomb has a very strong fresh citrusy smell that carries brilliantly. I love keeping this bath bomb in my room before I use it as it makes my bedroom smell great. 

When popped into the bath this bath bomb takes a while to get going, but when it does it floods the bath with a bright amber colour ending with a gold glitter centre. 

There is enough glitter to be visually appealing but what I like is that there’s not enough glitter to stick to you and cover you in it for days. 

This bath bomb is great if you’re feeling a little under the weather. I find if I'm feeling ill all the sweet florally scents don’t appeal to me. This one is perfect as it’s fresh and strong so perks you up.

Do I think this would make a good present?
Yes, the actual bath bomb is very exciting when in the bath, I just wish the appearance matched this.  This is all as long as the person you are buying for loves very citrusy smells, if they are more of floral or sweet fan this bath bomb wouldn't be for them. 

Happy shopping!

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