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Monday, 30 March 2015

Creamy Berry Smoothie and the Perfect Poached Egg -- Nutritionally Balanced Pre or Post Workout Breakfast

This is the perfect breakfast as it is very nutritionally balanced and especially good for a pre or post workout meal.

·         High amount of protein from the egg, goat’s milk and yogurt -- Essential for muscle growth and repair.
·         High levels of calcium from the goat’s milk and yogurt -- Essential for supporting bone strength and cell signalling in the body.
·         Potassium from the banana -- Replenishes electrolytes lost from sweat, supporting your body’s water balance.  
·         Plenty of antioxidants from the berries -- It has been suggested that very intense exercise can increase excess free radial production. The antioxidants help lower excess free radial levels in the body.
·         Steady release carbohydrates from the wholemeal bread -- Primary energy source for your body.

For the smoothie:
~1 medium banana
~1 cup of gooseberries
~1 cup of blueberries
~2 table spoons of a berry flavoured yogurt
~100ml of goats milk (I use this as I like the tangy taste but can be substituted which any milk of choice)

For the poached egg on toast;
~Dash of vinegar (roughly two teaspoons full)
~1 free range egg
~1 slice of wholemeal bread
~Plus spread of choice, I used clover. Or mush half an avocado on top which adds some vitamin E to the meal.

Cooking methods:

For the smoothie simply blend all your ingredients together. This is a thick smoothie so if you would like a more dilute one add more milk or some water.

To create the perfect poached egg, you need to follow these three steps:
1.       Have the water already boiling
2.       Add a dash of vinegar
3.       Carefully create a whirl pool in the water

Once you have done this add the egg into the whirlpool cook for 2-4 depending on how runny you like it and you will have the perfect poached egg.

Now simply toast your bread add spread or avocado and top with the egg. 

Happy cooking! 

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