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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Lush Synaesthesia Treatment -- Lush Spa Review

Synaesthesia -- A condition in which one type of stimulation invokes the sensation of another. For example the hearing of a certain sound produces the visualization of a certain colour.

I recently had the synaesthesia spa treatment from Lush at the new Oxford Street flagship store and it blew me away. Everything was perfect!

The treatment is a full body massage that brings in other elements of sound and smell. It is 120 minutes long, which includes a full consultation with the therapist. I had a lovely lady called Georgie who was amazing, she made me feel very comfortable and at home. The total cost is £125, which initially I did think was pricey but after having the treatment I can tell you it is worth every penny. 

Before the treatment starts you are encouraged to pick a word that jumps out at you from the wall, this correlates to a certain massage bar that will be used on you for your treatment.  I chose relax which had a sweet white tea scent.

After that you are encouraged to select a bottle that stands out to due to the word, colour or shape. I chose a pretty lilac bottle with the word forgiveness on it, which ended up being a lavender scent. I do find this mode of selection quite risky as you could end up with scents you really don’t like. Overall I was extremely happy with both my massage bar and room scent although to be honest I did have a sly sniff of the bottle to check I liked the smell.

After your massage which really does cover the full body; feet, legs, back, arms, stomach, chest and face. You are given a certain tea that matches your treatment with a massage bar and bubble bath stone to take home. I love the idea that you can take these home with you as it is a perfect little memento, now whenever I smell them I remember my treatment and feeling insanely relaxed.

The thing I loved most about the Lush spa was that it was so far removed from the white wash clinical feel you often find in spas. The atmosphere was fantastic, the staff were lovely and the décor was stunning.

I would highly recommend booking yourself in for a special treat, I have never felt so relaxed! I do feel the treatment is on the pricer side and is certainly not something I would randomly purchase myself but as a present or for a special occasion I think it's perfect.

If you fancy having a look at some other spa treatments Lush has to offer or wish to purchase one click here.

Thanks for reading,

Friday, 18 September 2015

Raising Awareness for Preventable Diseases -- Mesothelioma

Recently a lovely lady called Heather Von St. James who is a 10 year mesothelioma cancer survivor contacted me. Her aim is to try and spread as much awareness as she can for this rare but in most cases preventable disease. I was honoured that she wished me to help, which is why I have put together this post detailing some information on the disease.

I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like or how I would react to being told ‘you have cancer’.
The idea of something like that is a deeply terrifying thought to most.
The sad thing about our society currently is that all most everyone has experienced some sort of deep despair due to cancer, whether that be their own or linked to a loved one.

Cancer - a malignant growth or tumour due to an uncontrolled division and multiplication of cells within the body.

What is mesothelioma?
Pronounced me·so·the·li·o·ma

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that commonly develops in the tissues covering the lungs or abdomen. It is a cancer of the mesothelial cells hence its name.
Mesothelial cells are pavement like cells that line the body's serous cavities and internal organs, they form a lining called the mesothelium.

Commonly 75% of mesotheliomas occur in the chest (pleural mesothelioma) with the remaining 25% occurring in the abdomen (peritoneal mesothelioma).

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer, however it seems recently more and more cases are being presented. More than 2,500 people are diagnosed with mesothelioma in the UK each year, with over 3,000 in America.
Evidence from many scientific studies appear to show that most cases of pleural mesothelioma are directly caused from exposure to asbestos. This risk is greater if the person in question was exposed to large amounts of it from an early age or for prolonged periods of time. The same seems to be true for many of those diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma.

What is Asbestos?
Asbestos is a heat and fire resistant insulting material that was used widely in building and manufacturing industries up until the mid 1970’s.
Asbestos can be found in three main forms brown, blue and white. Brown and blue asbestos are strongly linked with the development of mesothelioma, while more recent studies are now uncovering the dangers of white asbestos.
Asbestos in brown and blue forms have been banned in the UK since the late 1980’s, while white has only been banned since 1999.

A causal link between asbestos and lung disease has been known since the 18th century, with the link between asbestos and mesothelioma only realised in the 1960's. Unfortunately the number of people diagnosed with mesothelioma in the UK and America is predicted to rise sharply for the next few years peaking in 2016 because of the heavy use of asbestos in industry from the end of the Second World War up until the mid 1970s.

Despite the infinite amount of information out there stating the dangers of asbestos and its link to mesothelioma, it is not completely banned in all its forms in many countries. 

Who is most at risk to developing Mesothelioma?
·         Miners
·         Factory workers
·         Insulation manufacturers and installers
·         Railroad and automotive workers
·         Ship builders
·         Gas mask manufacturers
·         Plumbers
·         Construction workers
·         Family members of people exposed to asbestos at work can also be exposed because the workers can carry home asbestos fibres on their clothes.

This is not to say you are definitely at risk if you work in these areas now, the higher risk is for those who worked in these sectors at times of when asbestos was being used.


Pleural mesothelioma 
·         Chest pain
·         Shortness of breath
·         Fatigue
·         Sweating and high temperatures
·         A persistent cough
·         Losing weight when not dieting
·         Loss of appetite
·         Difficulty swallowing
·         A hoarse or husky voice

Peritoneal mesothelioma 
·         Pain in the abdomen
·         Swelling in the abdomen
·         Feeling or being sick
·         Poor appetite
·         Losing weight when not dieting
·         Diarrhoea or constipation

This is not a definitive list of symptoms and just because you have some of these does not mean you should jump to the conclusion of cancer. Other factors such as occupation, age and exposure risk should be taken into account also.

I am worried I may be at risk what do I do?
Speak to your doctor or health practitioner they will be better able to help you and accurately judge whether you may or may not be at risk of developing mesothelioma.

I want to help what can do?
·         Share articles like this and Heathers story to spread awareness and reach a wider audience, stopping this cancer being kept in the dark.
·         Donate to cancer research charities
·         Sign petitions stating we want firm bans on asbestos and safer removal plans for when it is found in buildings.
·         Take part in the twitter chat on the 25th of September.

On September the 25 there will the first annual twitter chat to help spread awareness

I truly wish Heather all the best and hope she can carry on her brilliant work. It takes a very strong  person to decide that this is not something they will let rule them but flip it around and be so proactive in their work.

Thank you for reading,


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Vegan Cream of Tomato Soup Recipe -- Ariel Cooks

If you are currently in the UK like me you would have most definitely noticed it is not summer anymore. This means autumn and winter is on the way bringing along with it the comfort food. This doesn't mean however you need to give up on healthy options.

This creamy healthy tomato soup is vegan, low in calories and fat but tastes delicious and indulgent! It is very easy to make and requires almost no effort. This recipe would also be fantastic in a slow cooker as once in the pan requires no further input, perfect for when you come in from the cold and don’t want to spend your evening slaving away over a hot stove.

·         550g of tomatoes
·         1 stick of celery
·         3 spring onions
·         1 large onion or 2 medium
·         Stock cube of choosing
·         50g of creamed coconut (in solid form)
·         Optional - Chilli flakes

1.       An optional first step is to blanch your tomatoes and remove the skin, I personally didn’t as I was feeling lazy and don’t mind the texture this adds to the soup. However if you desire a smooth silky texture do follow this step. To blanch simply pour boiling water over your tomatoes in a heat proof bowl once you see the skins start to peel away pour very cold water over the top and peel off the skin using your fingers, it should come away very easily with no resistance.
2.       Slice your tomatoes in quarters and remove the inner stalk at the top, cut the rest of your veggies, this doesn’t have to be neat or particularity small as the soup will be blended.
·         Top tip! When cooking with spring onions, make sure you wash them thoroughly as often the top parts can have hidden grit in.
3.       Put all vegetables in the pan and crumble any stock cube of your choice over the top, pour in boiling water till it is level with the top of the veg. You don’t want to over fill on water as the tomatoes will condense down and you will be adding some coconut milk at the end.
4.       Let the soup simmer away for 30 minutes, try not to let the water boil as this will affect the end taste.
5.       Prepare the creamed coconut by mixing 50g of the solid product with 150ml of boiling water, stirring till smooth.
6.       Once the 30 minutes is up add the coconut mixture, blend and enjoy!

This soup is 100% vegan and should serve 2-4 people depending on whether it is being used as a main meal or starter.

Happy cooking!


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wining and Dining with the Blogginggals -- Camino Bankside Spanish Tapas Bar Review

Thanks to the lovely Zaineb who runs blogginggals and whose own blog can be found here, I was lucky enough to be able to attend a delightful blogging get together at the Camino Bankside Spanish restaurant. Camino is a Spanish tapas and wine bar known for its award winning Spanish wines, tapas & jamón.

First of all I wanted to say the thing that really stood out for me while I was there was the outstanding service, the staff were lovely and nothing was too much trouble. Personally I am very swayed by the customer service you receive, you can be in the most beautiful space with lovely food but if the service is bad that what you remember.

The service here was outstanding and the waiter we had called Patrick was extremely knowledgeable about the wines and even though I am not the biggest wine drinker I loved hearing all about the history of the wines and how they were produced.  With each wine they brought out they prepared a tapas dish to accompany it. The evening was well structured and I do think Patrick deserves a special mention as he is clearly passionate about his work which made learning about all the wine and food all the more interesting.

Although I am not usually the greatest fan of wine I did really enjoy the Cava, it was well balanced and slightly sweet. 

Food wise the tapas was lovely, all the dishes that came out were well presented and tasted amazing! I particularly adored the calamari, which is one dish I have to admit I am very fussy about. I cannot stand thick heavy and chewy batters but this was fresh and light with a delicious aioli (garlic mayonnaise like sauce). 

The Patatas bravas were also lovely and I loved that it came with a spicy tomato sauce and a mayonnaise.  I was slightly concerned about what I could eat being pescatarian but the menu holds an abundance of choice and plenty of vegetable dishes, so even the fussiest vegetarian would find something they liked. Although I didn’t have any myself the mocktails looked stunning so anyone that isn’t an alcohol drinker would have more than just the typical choice of fizzy soft drinks and water as an option.

The Manzanilla olives were marinated  in lemon zest, thyme, rosemary and were one of my favourite appetizers.

Camino had a very welcoming atmosphere I love the rustic but sophisticated look they went for with the large rustic wooden tables. I personally felt it gave off a casual professional vibe that would be perfect for after work drinks and tapas or even for a first date.

All in all I loved the evening, it was a lovely small and personal event run very successfully by the gorgeous Zaineb. I would highly recommended visiting a Camino branch if you are looking for tasty tapas, wonderful wine and superb service; they can be found in Bankside, Blackfriars, Monument and Kings cross. If you fancied checking out their website beforehand it can be found here

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Fresh Strawberries and Cream Cake Recipe -- Ariel Cooks

I am a huge fan of Japanese and Chinese cakes, the sponges are always so light and fluffy with plenty of fresh fruit! They can however be quite complicated and difficult to replicate, so after many failed attempts I have created this recipe which is an adaption of a strawberry shortcake recipe which is a very popular western inspired cake in Japan.

This recipe does require quite a few different steps to create it and the batter can be quite temperamental so try as hard as possible to follow the recipe precisely.

Ingredients for cake batter:
·         125g Cake flour -- To make plain flour into cake flour measure out your flour, then remove 2 tablespoons of flour and replace with 2 tablespoons of cornstarch.
·         80g of granulated sugar  
·         45g of demerara sugar
·         4 eggs at room temperature
·         3 tablespoons of milk
·         1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
·         25g of melted butter
·         Ice (not needed for cake but needed in cooking method)

Ingredients for topping and filling:
·         300ml of double cream (can also use whipping cream)
·         1-3 tablespoons of icing sugar, the amount depends on how sweet you would like it, I would recommend going lower and adding more as you taste it
·         ½ a teaspoon of vanilla extract
·         500-600g of fresh strawberries (roughly two boxes)

·         8 inch circular cake pan
·         1 large mixing bowl, 3 medium
·         Electric whisk
·         Grease proof paper (baking paper)

 Cake batter method:
1.       Preheat the oven to 180°c and line the cake tin with grease proof paper.
·         A tip I have to always ensure moist cakes is to place a small tray at the bottom of the oven with some water in, this creates steam preventing the cake drying out. If this recipe is followed properly however you will not need to do this, as the higher percentage of egg should keep it from drying out. Although if your first attempt comes out dry maybe try again with the tray of water.
2.       Separate your egg whites and yolks.
3.       Take a heat proof bowl and poor in a few inches of not quite boiled water, it’s very important it is not boiling! It should be warm bath temperature. Place a medium sized bowl over the top and add in the egg whites and the sugar. Whisk into stiff peaks.
4.       Gently fold in the egg yolks until fully incorporated with the vanilla extract and milk followed by the sifted flour.
5.       Finally fold in the melted butter (when melting the butter make sure it is over a gentle heat).
6.       Pour the batter into the cake tin, when full gently tap the tin on the counter twice to remove excess air bubbles.
7.       Bake for 25-30 minutes, try not to open the door at all during this time. The cake is done when it’s a light golden brown and springy to the touch.
8.       Remove from the oven and leave to cool completely.
9.       Once cool depending on the thickness and how confident you are with your slicing skills, slice into 2-3 layers horizontally. Wrap the whole cake in cling film and place in the fridge while you are preparing the filling and topping.

Method for filling and topping:
1.       Fill a mixing bowl with ice and cold water then place a glass bowl over the top.
2.       Add in your cream and icing sugar whisking until stiff peaks form, then fold in the vanilla extract.
3.       Slice the strawberries thinly and vertically as these are going to be layered over the whole cake. Keep the slightly less attractive slices apart from the neat ones and these will be used between the layers with the cream as the filling.
4.       Take the cake out from the fridge, place the first layer on a flat plate or cake stand and add a generous layer of the cream icing followed by the strawberry slices, repeat if you have another layer to go.
5.       Finally place the top layer of cake on and now cover the entire cake including the sides in the cream icing, delicately place the strawberry slices over the top and sides until most of the cream is covered.

This cake is definitely not the easiest to make and requires a lot of different steps. It is however light, fluffy and delicious making it worth the time and extra effort. If you don’t get it right the first time don’t be disheartened and try again, cakes like this take practice and once you have it you can adapt it to your personal tastes. This cake is great with pretty much any fresh fruit, I re-made it recently with mango which was particularly good!  

Happy baking!


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Strawberry Fondant Hot Chocolate -- A Hug in a Mug!

I am a huge strawberry fondant chocolate fan! I always pick them out of a box of Quality Street or Roses. 
So you will understand my delight when I stumbled across this super quick and easy hot chocolate recipe that tastes exactly like a strawberry fondant chocolate.

Best thing about this recipe? It’s instant and only needs three ingredients including the milk!

For an extra treat this hot chocolate goes excellently with whipped cream and chocolate buttons! 

-3tsp of strawberry Nesquik
-3tsp of chocolate Nesquik
-200-300ml of any hot milk of your choosing (the more milk the less strong the taste)

Just mix the strawberry Nesquik and chocolate Nesquik powder in hot milk, it’s that easy!

I did wonder whether to actually do a post on this recipe (if I can call it that) as it so easy but many of my friends had never thought of it, so I decided to share it with the internet!

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Coping with the Death of a Beloved Pet -- Ariel Answers

 Losing a pet is no easy thing they are key members of the family, we have supplied them with food and comfort throughout their life and seen them on an almost 24 hour basis. The bond many feel with their animals is totally unique, pets are a constant source of comfort and something to come home to that is totally un-judging and devoted to you.  It is no wonder when they pass that people find it so difficult to cope with.

To be honest the death of my childhood cat is one of the hardest things I've ever been through. I had him for 19 years and he grew up with me. When he died I was devastated and found it difficult to deal with. One thing I noticed was that most of those that who had never had a pet didn't understand why I was so upset and thought my reaction was over the top. It doesn't matter whether the pets a Guinea pig to a dog to a horse all people feel the loss of their pet differently, and it greatly depends on how much of a bond that person had to the animal.

Things you can do to help yourself when dealing with the passing of a pet:
·         Allow yourself to be upset, just because it is a pet doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to feel sad, you looked after that animal for years and it became a big part of your life its only natural to find its passing distressing
·         Don’t feel guilty, there is absolutely no point in looking for things you ‘could have done better’ most accidents or illness are totally unpredictable and unrelated to you as an owner. Focus on the good life you gave your pet and the happy memories.
·         For some people holding a small funeral or goodbye ceremony helps as it’s a chance to say goodbye and move on.
·         Try not to replace the pet straight away, you are trying to replace the beloved animal you had. No pet will be the same and it’s good to wait a few months to leave the grieving process and see if you are ready for that commitment again.
·         Some find keeping a memento helps; whether that is cremation ashes, a lock of hair, the collar, photos or a toy they particularly liked.

Helping others deal with the loss of a pet:
·         Understand it is not easy, they have lost a very important part of their life. Let them be upset and don’t say things like ‘I don’t understand why you are so upset’ or ‘it’s just an animal, get another’ just be there to talk.
·         Offer to help out with a small ceremony if that’s what you think they would like.

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

House of Comarre series by Kristen Painter -- Book Review

There are five books in this series written below in order:
1.       Blood Rights
2.       Flesh and Blood
3.       Bad Blood
4.       Out for Blood
5.       Last Blood

In a world with thousands of vampire based books it is rare to find something with a completely original take on it. Kristen Painter has managed to create a story line that is both original and quite complex. She has created a well-rounded paranormal world with intriguing politics, elaborate rules and enchanting characters.

This series centres around Chrysabelle who was born a comarre, a breed of human whose only job and purpose is to serve the noble vampires with their sacred and powerful blood. Chrysabelle finds herself on the run fleeing into the mortal world, wanted for the suspected murder of her patron. While on the run she enlists the help of a cursed vampire named Mal who is also an outcast, the two find themselves linked by accident, but mutually attracted and repulsed.

As with most good stories all it not as it appears and those who are after Chrysabelle are seeking more than her death, something that may bring terror and chaos to both the supernatural and mortal worlds alike.

One thing I have to say that is refreshing about this series and that I particularly like in a good novel, is that both the hero and heroine are relatively equal in terms of strength and competence. I cannot stand books in which the heroine is useless, can’t hold her own and must be protected constantly.

One thing I wasn’t so fond on concerning these books were that they were written from the point of view of a few characters, and to be honest I personally only really found those of Mal and Chrysabelle interesting. I was always slightly disappointed to turn a page and see it was no longer their point of view I would be reading from.

Overall however I was deeply in love with this series, it is fantastically written with great detail. The main characters are very engaging making the books extremely hard to put down. I would highly recommend the House of Comarre series for those that love supernatural fantasy with magic, vampires and romance.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Lush Lips -- Oxford Street Exclusive Lipsticks Review

My new current obsession has to be the new Lush Oxford Street exclusive lipsticks!

So summer has arrived and everyone seems to be whipping out their nude and pink toned lipsticks. I have to be honest nude pinky lip colours have never seemed to compliment my skin tone. I think it’s due to the yellow undertone my skin has or simply because I’m not used to wearing them.

Just because it summer it doesn’t mean you have to leave those dark colours behind just wear what flatters you! Personally I love a dark lip and my favourites have to be these four from the exclusive makeup range in Lush Oxford Street:

From top to bottom; Trust, Secure, Just and Amazing

Why I love them!
·         They are incredibly pigmented and long lasting.
·         These lipsticks fade beautifully, you don't get the patchy aftermath that looks like some sort of rash. It just fades in colour till it's gone.
·         The base is castor oil, so they are lovely and moisturising.
§  I suffer from eczema flare ups around my lips so sometimes wearing a lipstick exaggerates this as it sinks into the cracks when my lips are dry. I find these lipsticks don’t do this due to how moisturising they are.
·         Lastly of course because it's Lush it's all natural and you can be 100% sure it has not been tested on any animals.  So it's guilt free shopping!

I will also express my love for the lip barrier Lush offer (shown at the top of the 1st photo). Gone are the days of your lipsticks bleeding out. Simply draw around the outer edge of your lips with this waxy crayon and your lipstick will stay beautifully in place. 

I do think these lipsticks are on the more expensive side for a ‘high street’ store coming in at £14.50 each and the lip barrier costing £6.50, but they are so worth it and I think more than match up to their high end competition. These lipsticks and lip barrier cannot be found online unfortunately, only in the Lush Oxford street store. Which is definitely worth the day out to visit, and believe me once you go in you will be leaving with more than just lipsticks!

Happy shopping,


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Essential Summer Fragrances from High Street to High End -- Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Gold by Zara and White Musk Libertine by The Body Shop

So it’s now officially summer and I am a sucker for a good perfume to help you smell your best in the hot weather. I have decided to talk about my three favourites that vary in price so there will be something for every budget!

I will start with my all-time favourite fragrance and that is Daisy by Marc Jacobs (eau de toilette):
Scent- I think everything about this perfume is perfect; It’s fresh and floral but sweet and slightly musky. Personally I can really smell the violet, jasmine and vanilla tones in this fragrance.  I adore this scent and could wear it casually in the day or for a dresser event in the evening as it’s so versatile.

Staying power- This has by far the best staying power of the three. I find this will last all day on me starting off fresh and floral then then fading wonderfully into a sweet floral vanilla tone with a slight musk by the end of the day.

Price- This is definitely on the pricer end with 50ml starting around £50 and going up to around £70 for 100ml. I have included a link to boots whose prices seem to be the most consistent here.

Gold by Zara Women (eau de toilette):
Scent- This is more of an evening perfume for me and not one I would wear during the day as it is a slightly more mature scent. It has an earthy berry rich scent that carries extremely well. Zara gold is actually a perfect dupe for Paco Rabanne Lady Million and is one third of the price!

Staying power- Not fantastic but good for the price, the fragrance doesn’t really fade into any other notes just reduces in strength until it’s gone.

Price- Only £15 for 100ml! I’m afraid I can’t find this online to post a link, so you will have to pop into your local Zara and see if they stock it.

White Musk Libertine by The Body Shop (eau de parfum):
Scent- This perfume has lower undertones of musk covered by a beautiful sweet floral scent. This makes it a perfect summer perfume for those that like the earthiness of musks, but want something lighter and fresher.

Staying power- I have to be honest when it comes to all body shop fragrances I find they don’t stay on my skin for more than a few hours. I find their perfumes last much longer when on sprayed on to clothing, but do be aware of staining! I wouldn’t advise spraying onto anything white.  This perfume fades beautifully though and leaves you with a light sweet floral scent before completely fading.

Price- The cost varies on sizing and whether you buy an eau de toilette (10% aromatic essence) or eau de parfum (15-20% aromatic essence). Eau de parfum will last longer due to higher concentrations of oils and is more expensive. Prices range from £10 -£22, this Fragrance can be found online here.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

8 Photos of Happiness Tag

I have always wanted to start my own tag but never quite knew what to do it on. I particularly love looking at photos on other peoples blogs so came up with this idea ‘8 photos of happiness tag’.

Rules and explanation of this tag:
·         Thank your nominator/s and link them in your post.
·         Link the creator (Ariel’s little corner of the internet)
·         Post your 8 photos of happiness;
§  The photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy.
·         Pop in a brief description of the photo, why you chose it or let the photos do the talking!
·         Spread the happiness and tag up to ten other bloggers!

So without further ado here are my 8 photos of happiness!

Horses hold a special place in my heart and the happiest times of my life are when I'm around them.
I am such a massive animal person, I am always at my happiest with my pets.

Here are my gorgeous rats Othello and Damascus, they never fail to put a smile on my face.

My sand sculpture from Aberystwyth, I spent hours doing this and was far too proud of myself! 

Baths and smoothies = heaven!

I adore flowers they always make me smile.

I went to university in Aberystwyth and one thing I loved while there was the beautiful sunsets with the starlings.
I adore afternoon tea and I am always happy when having tea and cakes with good friends.

I nominate the following lovely and talented bloggers to complete this tag!

Thank for reading!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award -- 2015

Thank you so much to the lovely Michelle at sugardustandstarlight for nominating me, I had so much fun answering the questions!

Let’s start with the rules, which help explain a little bit about what this nomination is about: 
   1 - Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and link them in your post.
   2 - Answer the ten questions you have been sent.
   3 - Come up with 10 questions of your own.
   4 - Spread the love and nominate up to 10 bloggers!

1.  What is your favourite book and why?
This is difficult as I absolutely adore reading! I mean Harry Potter is obviously fantastic and I grew up reading the series, so that was an important part of my teenage years. But since I was asked for one book I am going to go for The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.
Why? Because this book simply has everything I could ever ask for; it’s nice and long, beautifully written, has fantasy, adventure and magic but most importantly it’s such a page turner, I could not put it down!

2.  What did you do today?
The start of my day wasn’t that exciting I sat for 2 hours waiting around for a second set of x-rays on my hand. I had broken it horse riding by getting thrown off with my left hand tangled in the reins, it was very painful!
The second half was more exciting though I went shopping with a friend and spent for too much on macaroons, even though I was meant to be getting clothing! I then spent the rest of my evening watching once upon a time while stuffing my face full of the macaroons. My favourite was the violet flavour, so good!

3.  If you could have any pet, what would it be?
Ideally I would love my own horse, it’s almost impossible for me to have one in London, it’s just too expensive! Exotic animal wise I would love a Gray wolf, they are just stunning.

4.  What’s your current favourite song and why?
It’s not a current song but I recently re-watched beauty and the beast and I have been listening to the song ‘belle’ from it constantly (mush to the dismay of those living with me). Why? Because who doesn’t love a good heroine song from Disney.

5.  If you could give just one piece of advice for life, what would it be?
Do more of what makes you happy. Life is too short and you should enjoy every day as much as you can, nobody wants a life full of what ifs.

6.  Do you have a favourite quote and what is it?
‘The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.’-Walt Disney. I think it’s so easy for people to get caught up in trying to ‘fit in’ that they lose themselves. I truly believe a happier life is one when you are happy with who you are.

7.  What do you enjoy reading most in other people’s blogs?
I love hauls and favourites; I’m such a nosey person and love knowing what other people have bought!

8.  What’s your worst habit?
I can’t believe I’m admitting this on the internet but I have to check any bedroom I am sleeping in alone before I sleep. I don’t know what I’m looking for but I check the wardrobe, under the bed and behind the curtains, and then glance up to the ceiling. Crazy I know and yes I’m 23 but it’s become a bit of a habit now.

9.  What’s your favourite film and why?
I really can’t pick just one so I’m going for the fast and furious series. Why? I just love all the action, car stunts and the underlying theme of friendship running through it.

10.  How would you spend the perfect day?
My perfect day would be horse riding with friends through a flower lined forest followed by a nice long gallop on a tropical beach, ending with a BBQ and live music.

I nominate the following lovely and talented bloggers to complete this tag!

So here are my ten questions for my nominees!
1.       If you could have any super power what would it be and why?
2.       What would be your dream holiday?
3.       What’s your favourite type of blog post to write and why?
4.       Coffee or tea?
5.       If you had to be an animal for one day, what would you be and why?
6.       If you could suddenly become amazing at one skill, what would you pick?
7.       Favourite TV show at the moment and why?
8.       What’s your favourite snack or drink to have while blogging?
9.       If you could go back and visit your fourteen year old self, what advice would you give yourself and why?  
10.   Do you prefer books or films and Why?

Thanks for reading!